How Colorado is helping their Businesses Go Green!

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Going green is one of the things that is often talked about by businesses; most of them use it as a marketing tool since they know that customers expect them to do it. The reason that they do it however is less important than the fact that they do it and while attracting customers may be the most obvious reason it is usually not sufficient in itself. In most cases the government has to help them to go green and this is something that the Government of Colorado has made a serious effort to do.

The biggest way that Colorado is helping businesses to go green is by offering them incentives for doing so. Most of these are in the form of tax breaks for companies that meet certain criteria. There are several different ways that businesses can qualify some of them are generic to all businesses like improving energy efficiency while others are aimed mainly at businesses in certain industries like farming or mining. These tax breaks can be quite substantial and they can really help businesses to improve their environmental program.

Most of the incentives that are offered by the government are aimed at increasing energy efficiency; this is really no surprise given that energy production is the leading cause of greenhouse gases. These programs can range anywhere from changing to more efficient light bulbs to installing a solar panels to reduce the requirement to get electricity from other sources. The most common approach is to offer rebates to encourage businesses to do this. In large part these programs have been successful but they are somewhat limited since they rely on the rebates being made available on a regular basis. The number of incentives the government can offer will therefore be limited so another approach that will encourage businesses to make more long lasting changes without requiring the government to continuously pay for it will be necessary.

To that end one of the programs that is becoming more common on the part of the Colorado government is to offer grants to businesses that have ideas for ways that they can go green. This is a more practical solution since the government only needs to pay for it once and the business will get the long term benefit out of it. This would be things like paying the cost of installing solar panels. In the long run this will be much cheaper than having to offer rebates and tax incentives every year to get businesses to make the change.

Of course there is little value to offering incentives to businesses to go green unless there is a way for them to do it. Therefore the government of Colorado funds research in a number of areas that are aimed at increasing green technology. There are a few different ways that this is done, the first it research that the government does themselves. This approach is fairly limited but there are agencies of the government that are doing research on ways to reduce the environmental impact of doing business.

The other common way that the government funds research is through the universities in the state. Almost all universities in Colorado have some sort of research project aimed at helping businesses to go green and for the most part these are funded by the government. Most of the research at this level is basic science rather than the development of actually technology but it is an important first step in the process.

In addition the state government also offers grants to businesses that are developing ways to go green. This is money that can be used for research to take the project from the theory stage to an actual working piece of technology. There are a few reasons that they do this, the most obvious is that it provides a way to improve the environment in Colorado. The other is that it allows businesses to develop a technology which can be sold to other companies bringing new business into the state.

Colorado also helps businesses to go green by providing a lot of the services that are necessary for them to do so. It is all well and good to tell companies that they should recycle but if there is no recycling plant located nearby they are not going to be able to. This is something that a lot of governments overlook, if you want businesses to go green you have to make it easy for them by offering the necessary services. Colorado has realized this and has made an effort to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place.

An important part that the government plays in the process of going green is education. Part of this is making sure that businesses know why they should institute green policies. Obviously in this day and age most businesses are well aware of the reasons, what they may not be aware of though is the ways that they can do it. There are new approaches constantly being developed and making sure that business owners are aware of them and how they can help their business is a job that the government has to take on. Making sure that businesses know how to go green is an important part of the process.

One of the advantages of going green is that it is good for business; there are a lot of people who will choose who they do business with based on their environmental record. Therefore one of the most important jobs of the Colorado government is to make sure that people know about the green projects in the state. This encourages other companies to business in Colorado which is a major incentive to companies that have gone green. Government officials can really help this by making sure that they play up the states green policies when they send trade delegations to other states and countries.

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